Sony’s not worried about the competition

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Sony recently unveiled its PlayStation 4 (without actually unveiling it at all) at a grand event. Rumours abound that Microsoft will soon have its own event to Usher in the next gen. Sony is not at all worried about being upstaged., saying that it’s aware of the competition – but happily marches to the beat of its own drum.

“We’ve always had different competitors, we were in the space before Microsoft and we may be in the space after Microsoft,” SCEA boss Jack Tretton told Bloomberg News.

“We’ve seen competitors come and go, I think we’re mindful of what we do. Quite frankly we believe that anything that adds attention and success in the gaming industry is good for us.

We’re aware of our competition but we march to own strategy and we’re very confident that holiday 2013 is a great time to bring out PlayStation 4,” Jack affirmed, in the face of Microsoft warnings.

In that interview, Tretton was asked about the role of the casual market in the success of the upcoming PS4, saying there’s more info coming – but they wanted to focus on the core for now

“There’s a lot of the story still to tell,” he replied. “We wanted to focus on the games and talk to our gaming audience… The gamers got it, that’s who we’re talking to.”

That’s the thing that impressed me most about Sony’s PS4 reveal; an actual focus on games, game developers and gamers.

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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