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Sony’s PlayLink brings social, casual smartphone-connected gaming to your PS4

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They didn’t show any of it at their E3 conference, but Sony’s stealthily announced a new set of casual, social games that will have your PlayStation 4 interfacing with your cell phone in a party environment. While it’s easy to scoff at this sort of thing, anyone who’s played the Jackbox Party games like the brilliant Fibbage knows that these sorts of games make for delightful drunken party fun.

Called PlayLink, the service combines your phone – and all of its capabilities – with your PlayStation 4, to use as controllers and cameras and touch screen devices for bespoke casual games.

Says Sony:

“PlayLink games turn your smartphone or tablet into a versatile controller – you can swipe, pinch, drag, tilt, rotate or even snap selfies and draw crafty doodles, depending on the game. No matter which title you choose from our PlayLink collection, it’s guaranteed to be a slick pick-up-and-play experience.”

The first game in the PlayLink series is called “That’s You!,” and it’s a quiz game that has up to five players answering questions about each other. It’ll be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers on July 4th. Take a look:

There’s a bunch more games coming too

Hidden Agenda

This narrative-driven adventure drops you into a detective thriller rife with chilling moral dilemmas that may determine life or death. Up to six of you can join in to make tough decisions about how the story unfolds, but not all of you will be working towards the same objective…

Knowledge is Power

Answer a variety of trivia questions and outsmart up to five opponents, with power plays and challenges thrown in to keep you on your toes. This game is all about speed and accuracy in the face of some wickedly crafted distractions from your opponents – are you up to the task?


Arcade-style fun and manic mini-games are all the rage in Frantics, where you and up to three friends have to face off in a variety of challenges. Bluff, battle, negotiate and co-operate your way to victory, but beware – mischievous host The Fox is also on hand to stir things up.

SingStar Celebration

Hit the high notes with upbeat tracks, massive hits and your favorite party classics. Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or even just a Saturday night – SingStar Celebration is the perfect playlist to any party, with up to eight players able to join in the fun. Use your SingStar mic or combine your smartphone with the SingStar Mic App, and get ready for your big moment.

Hidden Agenda actually seems pretty cool, but I think I’ll stick to Fibbage for now.

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Last Updated: June 13, 2017

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  1. schitsophrenic-toothbrush

    June 13, 2017 at 11:40

    Pretty cool concept, they should make electronic copies of cards against humanity or exploding kittens for this. should be fun.


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