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Soul Calibur IV – Vader and Yoda on both versions?

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The director who worked on Soul Caliber IV, Katsutoshi Sasaki, has told the Xbox Community Network in an interview that the team had no plans for bringing little Yoda to the PS3 and Vader to the PS3.

Really now Mr. Sasaki? Well then how in the hell do you explain this?

Umm yeah. That is leaked video footage of Vader and Yoda going at it. I am pretty sure that the characters are going to be on the disc. We can all wait and see how long it will take until they become available (and most probably at a fee).

I am going to be playing the Xbox 360 version and though I am a big fan of the little green ball of awesomeness, I am really jealous of the PS3 guys getting to play with Vader, he just looks so damn cool.

source: MSXBOX World and Ripten

Last Updated: August 1, 2008

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