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Spelunky 2 delayed indefinitely

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In a Twitter thread, developer Derek Yu stated that development was going well but much slower than they had anticipated


Spelunky is a gem of a game. I put it up there as one of the best indie games of all time; it’s challenging, gorgeous to look at, mechanically deep and just so addictive. So when Spelunky 2 was announced earlier this year…well, let’s just say I got a little hot under the collar. What we’ve seen so far has already been impressive, seemingly growing the first game exponentially outwards and delivering the same punishing rogue-like experience. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait a little longer to explore those caves a second time round as development studio Mossmouth has officially pushed the game’s release back indefinitely.

520448-splenuky 2 trailer

Derek Yu, found of Mossmouth, took to Twitter to explain the delay, saying that development was still on track and that they “aren’t far off target” but that the “density and detail” of the game is demanding far more time than originally expected. He followed these tweets up by apologising for the lack of consistent communication and updates and showed off a more recent screenshot of the game, stating that he was taking fan feedback into account and has been adding more detail to the game’s environment.


Yu was unable to provide a solid release date for Spelunky 2 but stated that he would update this information as soon as possible. Honestly, Mossmouth must take as long as they need to make their envisioned follow up. Spelunky has such a dedicated fanbase already that most people are probably still playing through the first one. Also, maybe this extra gap could give them some time to port the original Spelunky to Switch? Please?

Last Updated: August 15, 2019

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