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Splinter Cell: Blacklist will build on the successes and failures of Conviction

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As much as it was a radical departure that gave the Splinter Cell franchise a new breath of life, Conviction wasn’t exactly a perfect game either. The monochrome shift to stealth situations and the short single-player campaign knocked the ambitious title down a few pegs, but that’s something that Ubisoft Toronto says that they will be learning from with the upcoming Blacklist, as it follows directly after Conviction.

“The game takes place about six months after Conviction,” creative director Maxime Béland told Joystiq. “You’re going to see in the first half hour of the game where it’s not just the President coming to Sam and saying ‘I need your help yet again’. We’ve made it very personal for Sam.”

As for the six months between the two games, Béland explained that that period would be covered. “We’re going to be also doing some exciting stuff in the gap between the two that’s outside of the game,” Béland said.

One of the problems with Conviction, was that the game had a rocky development road, as the first build featured a hobo Sam out for revenge, before Béland was brought onboard to guide the project, revamping it and releasing it within two years, a tight schedule at that point.

Béland described this end result as “sweet and sour”,but that Conviction was being used as a “stepping stone” while preparing for Blacklist. Going through the assorted Conviction reviews, Béland and his team looked at what features to keep in, and which to chuck out.

Even though Michael Ironside is passing the goggles on to new voice and physical actor Eric Johnson, Blacklist is still shaping up nicely so far, as Fisher heads to hotspots that span the globe. It’s out next year March, on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Last Updated: September 12, 2012

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