Star Citizen’s shooter mode made me sick

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I’ve never experienced the stomach turning displeasure of first-person shooter motion sickness. Zoe always describes her handicap to me, and it sounds absolutely horrid. Having to lie down just to keep your stomach from spinning wildly out of control after a few minutes of gametime is something I never want to have to go through, but Star Citizen’s first-person shooter mode got me pretty close.

I think it’s the unrelenting combination of a crosshair that’s projected onto the environment, the obscene movement of the camera during sprinting and the constant popping of your helmet’s HUD. That’s enough to make me feel ill while everything is still on the ground, so imagine what it’s like when the gravity switch gets flicked into the off position.

That’s when I literally had to stop watching the gameplay below, which was a new feeling for me. I’ve never had the sensation of feeling this wrong while watching a shooter, and it probably means I’ll be violently ill if I ever do get my hands on it. So Star Citizen will remain a space-sim, and only a space-sim, for me it seems.

What I did watch though looked fairly standard. In amongst the scripted tactical talk, I saw very little differentiating Star Citizen’s additional mode from any other traditional shooter I’ve seen. Of course it’s not the game’s focus, but it still would’ve been nice to see something other than brightly lit bullets flashing down really dark corridors for ten minutes.

Regardless, that’s what’s being worked on now as the launch date for one of the most funded indie games of all time remains a mystery. Maybe if the game stopped making millions each week there would actually be a drive to finish it up and start making money off the completed project?

Last Updated: November 3, 2014

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