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Starbreeze is actively looking for someone to publish Payday 3

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Beyond this news for the threequel, it has also been confirmed that Payday 2 will receive future DLC and content updates.


Starbreeze was in a dark place at the end of 2019. You’ll remember they were forced into restructuring their entire business to avoid filing for bankruptcy. This involved selling off several studios and unfortunately laying off 25% of its workforce. With such a heavy end to the year, Starbreeze focused its attention entirely back onto Payday 2, the co-operative shooter with approximately four hundred DLC packs that involve robbing plenty of rich folks. It’s a great game that I’ve personally put a lot of time into. In November of last year, The Silk Road was released as the supposed last piece of DLC for Payday 2, which included both paid and free content and clearly it was enough to keep Starbreeze afloat as they’ve now confirmed they’re actively seeking a publishing partner for Payday 3.


According to CEO Mikael Nermark, the latest DLC for Payday 2 sold far better than expected and also raised the player count from a roughly 10 000 to 28 000 in November. “This is a good sign that confirms the interest in a future release of Payday 3 and lays a stable foundation for continued efforts,” stated Nermark, going on to confirm that Starbreeze will continue to release content updates for Payday 2 throughout 2020 essentially bringing the game back into active development. Which is a great piece of news for both Starbreeze and fans of Payday.


Concerning the threequel, Nermark elaborated on Starbreeze’s quest for a publishing partner, stating that the company is looking for a partner who can, “provide financial stability and possesses the marketing and distribution resources required to power the best possible launch and further development of the product.” A publishing agreement is expected to be presented to investors later in 2020. Here’s hoping someone picks the project up because it sounds like there could be a real opportunity in here for some lucky publisher.

Last Updated: February 12, 2020

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