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Summer Games Done Quick raised a staggering $2 million for charity last week

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SGDQ 2020

An entire week of streaming and an ungodly amount of gameplay later, and Summer Games Done Quick has wrapped up an online-only event this year. While also using the power of video games to do some real good in the process! This year’s incarnation of Summer Games Done Quick managed to raise a staggering $2 million for Médecins Sans Frontières AKA Doctors Without Borders, restoring some hope to a world that has been blighted by several horsemen of the apocalypse.

Even with a pandemic altering the very fabric of reality, politicians being worse than usual and various other mentally draining catastrophes, viewers still dug deep into their pockets to give back, with the final fiscal high score of SGDQ being $2,308,922.84. It’s a lot more than what I did for humanity, as I’m still in trouble for telling a dude on a bridge to do a flip before he jumped off of it. Doctors Without Bor5ders could buy some nice face masks with that kind of money, although I wouldn’t recommend that the doctors buy an Alien facehugger like I recently did when I venture out to do some shopping.


If you were busy doing other stuff last week or tucked away in a corner crying at the state of the world, fret not! You can catch a full archive of SGDQ right here. In addition to that, the next leg in really cool games being played with great speed will be in January 2021, in the form of Awesome Games Done Quick. Right after they’ve finished covering the dean of SGDQ’s home in toilet paper. AWESOME GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES!

Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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