Swedish politicians battle it out in StarCraft

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Oh Sweden, you do so many things right. Paid maternity leave for what, a year? And paternity leave. And the government will pay for you to have a day at the spa because, you know, you need to relax. Now, politicians are settling their differences in an eSports match, just in time for elections.

The tournament is called Politikerstarcraft and is essentially just for bragging rights. However, last tournament’s champion, Mathias Sundin, saw his party carry the election – maybe it is a good indication of which way the votes will go.

The tournament is the brainchild of Jonathan Rieder Lundkvist, who in 2010 thought it would be a good way to raise awareness of eSports and gaming among politicians, and also get gamers more involved in politics. I need to pause here just to point out that Lundkvist was a member of the Pirate Party when he had this idea. Now, the party focuses on issues of copyright, patent reform, internet censorship and net neutrality, but truly they have the most awesome name.

The match is taking place on Sunday, and you are welcome to tune in with an English shout caster on twitch. Of course, you probably won’t understand the political quips – just imagine the total pacifist party building up their troops. Oh the political irony that can thrill the soul.

Can you imagine something like this in South Africa? I don’t want to see them play StarCraft, though – I think it would be awesome to watch them play Left 4 Dead 2. Let them lick each other to death. Or maybe co-op some Logistics Simulator so that our politicians can actually pretend to be doing something.

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Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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