Syndicate successor kicked right in the starters

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Satellite Reign

From the creator of Syndicate Wars, comes Satellite Reign. A real-time, class-based strategy game set in an open world cyberpunk city. A spiritual successor to Syndicate Wars. Developers from games like GTA IV, Darksiders II, Star Wars and L.A Noire has launched a kickstarter to bring you a game that reacts uniquely to your actions, a living city to be used and abused to your advantage.

I’ll be honest, I often see the word “Kickstarter” and I’m like “Oh, you made a kickstarter page. Please, continue to tell me more about it.” Just like in that Willy Wonka meme. But sometimes, there are some real gems in there. Like the OZombie kickstarter for example. Well here’s another one, a game that is sure to join the ranks of top quality games produced by AAA development studios. At least, I hope so. Reading through the kickstarter page is enough to make any one rainbow puke their face off. Check out the video.

Awesome right? Right!? In this game, Satellite Reign, you will control a four-man team of agents. Each of these agents will have abilities distinct and unique to them, you’ll use these collectively to battle for control of a “fully simulated, living cyberpunk city”. And what a city it is. The metropolis will not only look like a totally ass kicking city, but actually function as one too.

“the streets are bustling with people by day, and controlled by criminal organisations by night. Power grids actually power the city, information and finances flow from one district to another, and you can use all of these things to your advantage.

The entire game-world is designed around emergent gameplay. Civilians, police and corporate soldiers will all react uniquely to your actions. Power conduits, communication networks and security systems are there for you to hijack, modify or destroy. Learn how the city and its inhabitants operate, then exploit them all to advance your agenda.”

Here’s the part I really like. According to the devs you won’t be “spoon-fed one mission after another”. Players will have the ability to use whatever means possible to reach their final goal. You could bribe scientists to advance your technologies, or kidnap doctors to augment your agents. Rob some banks to fund your war, and exploit neutral implants to bend the will of others. And if that doesn’t appeal to you, you can facekick your enemies off the cliff, so to speak.

In only three days the studio, 5 Lives Studio has received £118,790 in backing, the goal only being £350, 000. This game is sure to be funded. It is planned to be released on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Look at this amazing artwork, just look at it.

Satellite Reign 3
This one is probably a screenshot.

Satellite Reign 1 Satellite Reign 2 Satellite Reign 4

Also, I’d like to give Gamespress the credit for the phrase “kicked right in the starters”, which hence forth is my favourite phrase on the planet. 

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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