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Syndicate wars banned in Australia

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I know it’s not right to laugh at people less fortunate than yourselves and censorship in it’s entirety is a scary and evil practice but this is Australia and as our number 1 frenemies we always get to laugh at their misfortune, unless someone dies.

So what are we laughing at today? Well the Australian classification board has decided that the feeble minds of the general Australian population are too weak to handle the hardcore something that Syndicate Wars is showing as they have decided to not give the title an age restriction thus banning it from sale entirely.

This even after they have agreed in principle to an R18 age restriction, apparently the legislation process for that change will take years and until they’ve managed to round up all the politicians and forced them to put their X in that spot the gamers of Australia are going to continue being treated like children.

But don’t worry Australian gamers you can still illegally smuggle in the game and hopefully not wind up on Border Patrol.

Last Updated: December 20, 2011

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