TESO launches welcome back weekend with 80GB client

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You re too big to fit in here

The Elder Scrolls Online has relaunched with its new name – Tamriel Unlimited. We already knew about the new name and the new pricing structure, but now they want players to come back to Tamriel to see what’s new. However, this welcome back weekend might not really be accessible to all.

The welcome back weekend will run from 16-20 April and promises some new things:

We’re excited to share this experience with you, and we look forward to your feedback after you have played. There have been many advances to the game since launch, improved leveling, intro areas, combat, quests, crafting, crime systems, and much more! Don’t miss this opportunity to check out everything new.

So why did they send me this email a week in advance? Well, because of this part further down:

The client is approximately 80GB, so please begin your download as early as possible. You will need to download the entire game before attempting to play.

That is quite a large client, especially if you can’t play until it’s totally downloaded. I’m glad that they’re giving quite a bit of lead time on this, but it still feels rather excessive.

Oh well, at least the game is free to play once you’ve bought it. If it doesn’t download in time for the welcome back weekend, we can just play anytime, right? I doubt that I will jump back in on the game in its current form; the last time I played was in the Beta and it just didn’t do it for me. Obviously, it didn’t do it for most people considering that they had to drop the subscription model. However, it might be a bit more worthwhile on console, when it eventually releases there. Maybe.

Last Updated: April 9, 2015

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