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That Metro: Last Light DLC issue is all THQ’s fault

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Metro: Last Light releases locally this Friday but it is already out in America and there is a mini Internet storm brewing over the fact that there is an inactive menu item in the game called Ranger Mode. To get this activated you had to pre-order the title or pay an extra $5.

Both of which I believe are scumbag moves. I have no problem with DLC being released after the game has been out for a while and we can then judge whether it is worth the cost or not. However to purposefully build something into the game and then not even attempt to hide it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Unsurprisingly a lot of people are angry but one enterprising reddit user decided to email the publishers, Deep Silver, and complain about it.

The response he got was a little surprising.

Thank you so much for writing to us. We appreciate you sharing your feedback and concerns regarding Metro: Last Light and the Ranger Mode DLC. We are aware that this is an issue for some members of the Metro community, and we respect how passionate that community can be.

We’d like to provide context for the circumstances surrounding this pre-order bonus. The decision to make Ranger Mode a special, downloadable item was never in Deep Silver’s hands. This was a choice that THQ, the previous publisher, made before it collapsed, and before we purchased the rights to publish Metro under the Deep Silver name.

By the time Metro: Last Light was in our hands, we were too far along its development cycle to change or reverse THQ’s plans, so we had to move forward with the Ranger Mode DLC. We simply had no other choice, even though we might have done things differently had Last Light been in our care during the entirety of its development.

We hope that you will still give Metro: Last Light a chance, even though you’re upset by these circumstances. We’re very proud of the hard work that developer 4A Games has put into Last Light, and we know that hardcore gamers will ultimately enjoy the dark world they’ve created — Ranger Mode and all.

Thank you again for your time, and for voicing your concerns to our team. We appreciate everything our community has to say, even critical feedback.


So there you go, Deep Silver are claiming that they actually had no choice as those decisions were made before THQ went belly up and by the time they received the title there simply wasn’t enough time to back out.

I would guess when they say that they are talking about commercial agreements as unlocking the DLC would be a simple job for the developers. However if THQ had signed contracts before hand then Deep Silver were likely bound to honour them.

But the question is… do you think Deep Silver are being honest here or simply throwing the rotting corpse of THQ under the bus to save themselves?

Are you going to buy Metro: Last Light this weekend even if you can’t play Ranger Mode?

Last Updated: May 15, 2013

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