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The beautiful and lonely concept art of Alien: Isolation

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Alien Isolation (47)

It may not have been a perfect game, but Alien: Isolation got so, so much right in the end. It was gripping, tense and challenging as players had to navigate their way through derelict spaceships and stations with a Xenomorph creature that was constantly stalking them. That’s the kind of game which relies more than ever on solid concept art to help it realise a certain vision of nightmare fuel. Fortunately, Alien: Isolation had all that, and plenty more.

 Featured on It’s Art Mag, is the simply gorgeous art of Bradley Wright. And it’s a magnificent mix of technical and biological design here. Take a look at it, if you’re brave enough:

In his review for Alien: Isolation, Geoff gave the game a very solid 8/10, calling it “brutally unforgiving”:

Unflinchingly tense and gruelling, Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation is a better sequel to Ridley Scott’s original movie than the film that followed it. Dripping with as much atmosphere and attention to detail as it is with acidic Xenomorph spittle, it’s hardly let down by its weak narrative and unnecessary padding.

I’ve got the game, and Geoff was spot on. It’s so damn difficult in fact, that I’ve yet to make it past the main menu.

Last Updated: March 24, 2015

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