The best and worst of the last week (31 August 2012)

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It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It’s been a pretty mental week for us at Lazygamer. We’ve had some medical scares, our laptops all seem to be frying and Darryn’s pretty much completed his Bat suit. But we’re not here to regale you with our personal highs and lows; no we’re here to let you in on the best and worst the site has had to offer.

ION Header

The best header of the week this week goes to Danneel Ackles, who was responsible for a sudden and rather dramatic increase in cupcake sales this week. We have no idea why.

Worst Story

Man, for the second week in a row we have to give the worst story to one involving collusion and match tampering in the highest echelons of eSports – as two of the top League of Legends teams had their honours stripped away after agreeing to split the prizes and play a friendly. That’s just not in the spirit of competition really. that’s just not cricket…though to be fair, neither is cricket, really.

Best Story

The best story, even though Darryn made a little faux pas that’s destroyed his gaming credibility FOREVER, has to be his retrospective on Street Fighter’s illustrious, lactic 25 year history. As a series that’s really close to my heart (I grew up on Street Fighter 2 – must have spent every single bit of available money I had on that game), it’s incredible to think that the series is a quarter of a century old. And now I feel ancient.

Most Popular

It seems that Highveld stereo’s Darryn “ Whackhead” Simpson is either a “love-him” or “hate-him” kind of guy – and judging from the 87 comments on the story about the whiny-voiced DJ pranking a Guild Wars 2 gamer, most of you seem to despise him

Least Popular

Darryn, for what seems like the billionth week in a row, has managed to do the story that’s garnered least love. This time, it goes to his mostly ignored story about the next game from the numpties who brought you Dead Island.

Comment of the week

This week’s comment of the week was a tricky one to decide on. Should it be based on the one that made us personally laugh most? should it have gone to the most insightful, meaningful comment…something that could change the world? No, instead this week we decided to let Disqus do the work for us, and saw that Erwin(nnnnnn) Kempf’s public disliking of the aforementioned Whackhead  – which received a hitherto unseen 45 upvotes – was the most popular comment we’ve had on the site, pretty much ever. What sort of public display of wit gets you that sort of accolade?


“I think he is a D with 15thousand O’s and a S.
Irritates the living daylights out of me?

The best thing about Darren Simpson? At least he’s not Mark Gillman. All this Darryn/Darren stuff is getting me confused, so I’m going back to calling our Darryn “Brenda.” He loves it. 

Last Updated: August 31, 2012

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