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The best gaming related Halloween pumpkins I could find

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The one thing I don’t like about living in South Africa is that we truly suck at celebrating events, we hardly give Christmas much thought apart from decorations in the shops and no other holiday fairs much better.

Possibly the best day of the year is pretty much entirely ignored here but that didn’t stop me from scouring the Internet to find the very best gaming related Jack O Lanterns (pumpkins) I could find.

Here they are in no particular order, if you’ve seen better let us know in the comments below.

51eb230349umpkin.jpg-400x276 8494 284370941_7a832249ce2961144627_6df2c13f41_o AdDa1UKCQAE0ppXBig-Daddy-Pumpkin Deus_Ex_Pumpkinhalloween-bonus-material-film-photo-u1 halloween-bonus-material-film-photo-u4medium_2990299234_def07a8c3e_o Plants_vs_Zombies_Pumpkinred-ring-of-death-pumpkin-carving tetris-game-pumpkin-carvingwowpump wowpumpkin

And it wouldn’t be lazygamer if we didn’t put a little bit of sexy into the story


Last Updated: October 31, 2011

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