The Darkness 2 reclassified due to sexiness

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The latest escapades of gangster assassin Jackie Estacado hits our shores next month, and the sequel to the cult classic shooter is looking quite impressive, and perhaps a tad gruesome, at the moment.

All those scenes of long, hard tendrils going in and out of human bodies, thrusting their way through over and over again, has resulted in a high age restriction of course. Australian fans waiting for the game might have also noticed something peculiar while waiting for the game to be classified by the state nannies, as it seems that The Darkness 2 had to be rated twice due to some not so subtle sexiness.

Originally classified last year in July, the game received an MA15+ for its gory content and adult language. A “modified” version was resubmitted for more classification in December, which a 2K spokesperson has confirmed was a new build of the game, that happened to include an additional sex scene.

The Australian Classification Board passed the scene again, with no cuts required of it, something of a rarity considering the strict approach the ACB has taken in the past with video games, with many of them being banned for their content.

And to add even more amazing sauce to that story, The Darkness 2 will still retain its original rating of MA15+. It’s to nice to know that the Australian gamers can actually get to play one adult game for once, and not have to troll the bargain bins for Hello Kitty Island Adventures instead.

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The Darkness 2 launches next month on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Last Updated: January 11, 2012

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