The Sexiest Gallery Of Bat-Babes That You Will Ever See

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A lot of you guys are pissed off. Like really angry. This whole debacle surrounding certain formats of Batman: Arkham City, and the limited availability thanks to the short-sightedness of Warner Bros Interactive has left quite a few of you in angry  mob mode.

In fact, I’ve already received a phone call from a friend who works in a gaming shop, asking me to please tell his wife that he loves her, as his shop has come under siege from militant bat-fans who only got the message today that their game has been delayed.

So obviously, the government called us, begging for help in the matter of calming the fanboys down. So we devised a plan in our top secret War-room (Geoffs’ kitchen) to redistribute all that hot-headed blood away from the brain to other,er, lower organs. Lets pray to whatever deity this works, before government starts nuking gaming retailers.


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Last Updated: October 21, 2011

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