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The Good the Bad and the Ugly of the past week – 14 August 2015

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Sleeping kitty

Did you know there were only four days to the work week this week? You could have fooled me – these have been the longest four days of my life! Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it has felt rather long and arduous, and I’m incredibly happy that it’s basically weekend now. If you missed what happened in the last four days, though, here is what you need to know.

Best Story

So, while it felt like a long week, it was actually filled with a bunch of cool news. Resident Evil 2’s remake is officially a thing, Xbox exclusives could become ecosystem exclusives, and Geek Crate is going to happen. I take back all the sad things I said earlier.

Worst Story

I’m going to officially declare that this was an awesome week considering that the worst news I could find was that we shouldn’t be expecting a new Elder Scrolls for a “very long time”.

Random Story

You want the random? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE RANDOM! Okay, that might be a total lie. But Darryn tested the Guile Theme theory and the results are glorious.

ION of the Week


I just couldn’t give this award to fried rice, even if it is nice. So, holiday wins!

Most Comments

Alessandro got to play some Metal Gear Solid V at Gamescom, and he wasn’t blown away by the open world. Of course everyone had to comment to let him know that he’s wrong, right? That is just what we need to do.

Least Comments

Sorry Darryn, no one had anything to say about Disney Infinity. Nope, not even one comment. LOSER!

Batman of the Week

Batman swirl

Okay, maybe Darryn isn’t that much of a loser seeing as he beat us all to grab Batman this week. Well done, D-force. For all your hard work, you shall be rewarded with a weekend spent in your garage playing dress up. I mean, cosplay.

Header of the Week


Now this is a mashup I would love to play. Okay, probably not, but it still makes me laugh and that’s all that matters.

Comment of the Week

This week’s comment of the week goes to Daniel Hallinan and his defense of Magic the Gathering in the face of Hearthstone’s success.

Magic: The Gathering is actually STILL growing, and it’s growth is surprisingly exponential. It’s bizarre, considering its age, but it’s definitely healthier than it’s ever been. (On a side note, Pokemon is still crazy popular, surprisingly – but the players tend to hide away until there’s an official event for them).

There’s actually no real clash between Magic and Hearthstone, as most magic players (in my experience) happily play Hearthstone as well. Its F2P nature means there’s no financial tug of war, and it slots into the time they have when not playing Magic itself.

Interestingly, the other reason for their co-existence is that they are designed for different habitats. Hearthstone was designed from the ground up to be a digital product, which is a big part of its success. However, as soon as you make it physical, as soon as you put it on an actual table, it starts to fall apart mechanically and losses the majority of enjoyment it elicits. This is largely due to Hearthstone relying a lot on automation, and there’s a *lot* of things going on.

Ultimately, there’s no real reason either of them endanger each other.

Bonus Content

You made it to the end of the weekly wrap! Here, have some bonus content!

First up, a podcast all about sex (NSFW, obviously) and a video about what happens as a result:

Last Updated: August 14, 2015

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