The good the bad and the ugly of the past week – 17 April 2015

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I might be adopting this little fluff ball

I’ve been attempting to adjust my sleeping cycle. No really, for too long I’ve been stuck with the habit of going to bed no earlier than midnight (usually 1-2am each day) and waking up well after the average human does (8-9am). NO MORE I SAY! I am forcing myself to sleep a little earlier, and at this very moment I am fighting my stupidly heavy eyelids because they’ve been kept open since 6am this ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Best Stories

I don’t care what anybody says, this story made my week. Such prop, very acting… wow 10/10 – this homemade Mortal Kombat movie trailer is amazeballs!

In other news, Darryn’s wife, Sam, was set on fire, prompting a video response containing the biggest challenge we’ve seen in the past century. Darryn vs Dave in a Mortal Kombat showdown, all for Sam’s attention and affection… WHO WILL WIN?

Worst Stories

Hearthstone is going mobile. Why is this a bad story you ask? Well, the rand is weak enough as it is, and I doubt a serious dip in productivity is going to help matters. WHY U DO DIS BLIZZARD?

As a proud owner of an iPhone, I have nothing against Apple. What makes me sad though is that their watch got mediocre reviews, and people still rushed out to get one. The Apple Watch sold out in six hours, which is just plain madness.

Oh and this story. Seriously, wtf?

Random Stories

I need to learn how to meet women, something this title will help me do supposedly. That or I can look forward to downloading this game. Bah, screw that… I’ll watch Squirrel Girl destroy all those at Wondercon 2015 instead! That or take some time to snap some digital selfies

Best ION Header


I honestly considered choosing Darryn’s Tasty Tuesday KFC wings, but I value my life. Here, have one order of Audrey Aleen from Monday’s ION instead!

Most Comments

How do we fix the inconvenience of downloading ridiculously big games? It’s a toughie, something which Zoe wrote about. You all had a lot to say too – her article raked in a whopping 148 comments!

Least Comments

We reminded you all that we are giving away a nice shiny Mortal Kombat X edition. HOORAY! Wait, why did only 2 people comment? Boo!!!

Batman Of the Week


There is no contest really – Darryn is Batman this week, mopping up the rest of us with his vigilante writing skills!

Cabbage of the Week

Cabbage farmer

I really can’t believe it. I spent most of the week free of the cabbage zone, only to have Alessandro come out of nowhere and kick me straight back down into it. Too bad I have no moral compass! Your cabbage this week is none other than Wiehahn Diederichs. He only wrote one article this week, but does it look like I care? No!

Header of the Week


What’s going to be in Destiny’s House of Cards… I mean Wolves expansion? Woah, I never knew Kevin Spacey was a werewolf!

Comment of the Week

You can purchase easy fatalities in Mortal Kombat X? Damn, that makes our fatality guide completely redundant. Umar topped our guide without even breaking a sweat:

I found this really awesome guide online that shows you how to do fatalities. You won’t BELIEVE how easy it is. Here’s the guide:


Well played sir!

Bonus Content

Here’s some weekly WTF thanks to Darryn:

And here’s a community submission from @VikingOfScience. WTF IS THIS?

Last Updated: April 17, 2015

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