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The latest Doom Eternal event lets you play as a Hipster Archvile

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Doom Eternal is a fantastic game. Even I, who perhaps nitpick a little too much, have found very little to dislike about the game. Fast, frenetic and just saturated in the kind of cathartic demon-slaying violence that keeps me replaying the campaign, Doom Eternal does a lot of things right. Yet one of the more strange additions to the game was the form the multiplayer system took. “Battlemode” isn’t exactly what you’d expect from Doom, disregarding the tried and test formula of arena shooters and deathmatches for something more akin to Counter-Strike.

Except with one person playing the Doomslayer and the other two choosing from a range of demons and purchasable upgrades every round. It’s weird and not actually that bad if you stick with it. However, Battlemode is getting even stranger with the launch of the “Coffee and Camo” event and the bizarre skins that it’s adding.


The event, which is running until 14 May, has introduced some pretty normal looking cosmetics as well as one that’s just…super out there. As you can expect from the title, you’ll be able to unlock a bunch of camo themed skins that really do nothing to make the Doomslayer look any different but do, in fact, make the Cacodemon look like a very sharp Brussel sprout. Beyond those rather bland skins, the real stand-out wardrobe change is “Hipster Archevile” which turns the summoning monstrosity into a coffee-serving vinyl enthusiast from 2013 and it looks…absolutely hideous. In like a good way though? Like, it loops round past “ugly skin” to “that skin’s so ugly that I must have it”.

The inclusion of smaller in-game events with fewer stakes attached to them in place of a premium battle pass is a great idea from id Software. Allowing them to inject more content into the game without begging players to fork over extra cash? Yeah, sounds like a plan where everyone wins. If the addition of Hipster Archevile wasn’t enough to convince you that Doom Eternal is worth looking into, give our review a read to really consolidate your thoughts. 

Last Updated: April 20, 2020

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