The Lazygamer Awards 2011 – Awards Round Up

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Throughout the week, we’ve been posting up our individual genre and platform awards – but here’s a nice handy collection of all the awards, all in in once place. As you’ve been able to tell from the list of awards and their requisite runners up, it’s been one heck of a year for gaming – Whether you like to play on your phone, handheld, PC or consoles.

It’s also been a tough year for the video game industry. We’ve seen Nintendo unveil its Wii U to general apathy and grapple with the launch, woes and then ultimate success of 3DS; we’ve Seen Microsoft doing their best – and failing – to make traditional controllers redundant and Sony show us their new handheld the PlayStation Vita, all while shaking off a security scandal. EA and Activision are at war, and online passes exist.

In spite of it all, it’s been one of the best years for great games that I can recall. It’s a year in which we’ve gotten Portal 2 – a sequel so clever it outshines the original; ground-breaking new motion-capture with L.A Noire. Nintendo’s shown us Motion controls are viable and fun with Skyward Sword and Activision’s shown some genuine innovation with Skylanders; Battlefield 3’s proven that there’s room for competition in the combat shooter space and a fluffy pink line of wool made us feel like children all over again, while Dark souls has made us cry like children all over again.

2011; you’ve been awesome.

Here are links to all of our awards :

Game of the Year
Best Xbox 360 Exclusive
Best Wii Exclusive
Best PS3 Exclusive
Best PC Exclusive
The Best of the Rest
Best New IP
Best Multiplayer
Best RPG
Best Shooter
Best Sports Game
Best Platformer
Best Action Adventure Game
Best Driving Game
Best Handheld/Mobile Game
Best Fighting Game
Best Motion controlled Game

Last Updated: December 23, 2011

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