The most controversial gaming cover ever

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Edge Magazine has been around for a very long time and has managed to build a pretty solid reputation around their coverage of the video game industry and all that it has become… but they have also just released the most controversial video game magazine cover, but could they be right?


It’s hard to miss the main headline here

“This is your next console, why the only option right now is the PS4”

Followed with the less than diplomatic smaller headline of

“How Microsoft Blew It

The titanic errors on Xbox One’s road to ruin”

They aren’t leaving much to the imagination here and while I would have agreed with the headlines if Microsoft hadn’t backtracked on the DRM issue; it doesn’t seem to be a fair perspective anymore.

And unfortunately we can’t read why they are saying this as it’s a print magazine that hasn’t been released yet.

So the question is simply, has Edge thrown away its integrity for a mammoth month of sales with those headlines or has Microsoft really lost the next generation already?

Last Updated: July 3, 2013

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