The Next Generation Open World Game: Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs was the surprise announcement of last years E3, and it has been closely watched by gamers worldwide.

This is one game that has many gamers watching Ubisoft intently. Think open world but with a lot more power over electronics at your fingertips. Your protaginist, Aiden, possesses a cellphone that can control just about every damn electronic in the game world. Some examples are demonstrated in the trailer. Aiden is in a room filled with gun toting enemies. How does he get the slight tactical advantage? He quickly activates the sprinkler system to provide the minor but necessary distraction. Another instance is demonstrated when he is cornered by the police, but a simple press of the button has the city blacking out. This sort of power is awesome, and is sure to make for some awesome gameplay and gameplay twists.

Not much has been shown that we didn’t know already (apart from maybe some skeletal information on the story itself), but we are treated to an awesome cinematic trailer nonetheless. All I can say is that Aiden is badass, and I can’t wait to dish out my own action when the game finally launches. This game does look like it will add an awesome spin on the open world market. 

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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