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The PlayStation 3 has beaten the Xbox 360

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In their new forecast on the state of console gaming, the International Data Corporation has revealed that Sony’s black box of Bluray, The PlayStation 3 has leapfrogged Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to become the number one selling console worldwide.

The 67-page report (via GI.Biz), which is available to anybody with $4500 lying around, confirms that this past December, Sony’s PS3 has leapfrogged the Xbox 360 when it comes to total global console sales. It says that the PS3 is now a million ahead, with 77 million units sold to the Xbox 360’s 76 million.

That’s pretty impressive, considering the PlayStation 3 launched a year later than Microsoft’s console. and of course, many believe that unofficially, the PS3 had surpassed the 360 ages ago – by taking in to account the consoles that were handed out to those affected by the infamous Red Ring of Death that plagued the early versions of the hardware.

I think the PlayStation 3’s late-cycle success can be attributed to two things; The introduction of the significantly cheaper PS3 Slim, and PlayStation Plus. Together, they make the PS3 a more attractive, higher value option; you not only get a console, but a Blu-Ray player and a bunch of free games.

While North America has embraced the 360, the rest of the world hasn’t quite followed suit. Europe (and by extension, South Africa) has always been Sony territory, and the 360 may as well not exist in Japan. The absolute dearth of exclusive titles for the 360 probably hasn’t helped Microsoft’s case either. So, congratulations, Sony!

Finally, 2013 is the year of the PlayStation 3. Now how about that PlayStation 4 then, eh?

Last Updated: January 10, 2013

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