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The PS3 is only 50 034 units behind the Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 got off to a flying start in this generation with the PlayStation 3 preferring to stay at home perfecting its make up before leaving for the race. By year 3 the Xbox 360 was miles ahead of the PS3 and unbelievably it decided to take a nap.

Back then I stated that if they weren’t careful and rested on their laurels the PS3 would catch them. But instead of offering price drops, new exclusives or even more marketing they decided to switch to the casual market and offer Kinect, TV series and movies instead.

While this may have secured them some nice deals with content providers it definitely didn’t help them move units and now according to every fanboys favourite site, vgchartz, the PS3 has now very much caught up with the Xbox and as of the 11th of May is only 50 034 units behind in world wide sales.

For me this is a massive failure for Microsoft, they had the opportunity to finish in a strong second place, the Wii decimated everyone, but instead of pushing while they were in the lead they became arrogant and instead of pulling a rabbit out of the hat they are going to allow the tortoise to pass them and relegate them to last position in this generation.

I stated on many occasions that Sony would never catch Microsoft in this generation but in my defence I didn’t expect Microsoft to throw in the towel. Sony has done great things to right their original mistakes and continue to this day pushing out fantastic exclusives and hardware revisions while Microsoft has been tricked into thinking America is the world again.

Microsoft won the first few years and Sony has won the end of this generation, with the new Xbox being revealed tonight it will be interesting to see if Microsoft has woken up but to be honest I’m expecting an entertainment box to be revealed and not a games console.

I feel they will gamble on being the all in one box that they think everyone wants… time will tell if they make the right decision.

As a side note, streaming TV and movies work better on the PlayStation.. which always amazes me since Microsoft has put so much effort into punting that service.

Also… look at how the industry sales plummeted when the Wii fell off the cliff

Last Updated: May 21, 2013

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