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The PS4 is a console at heart

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Architecturally, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 is akin to a PC, using a bevy of off-the-shelf parts in conjunction with retooled computer hardware. Though it might have the guts of a PC, it’s still a console at heart, says Sony’s Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny.

Speaking to OPM, he says the console’s PC-like architecture is a result of developer input and requirements.

“I think the main reason behind it is that’s what the development community wanted. That’s what the development community want in terms of ease of development and making the best games they possibly can.”

In spite of its PC tendencies, Denny would like tor remind you all that the PlayStation 4 is still a console at heart; and though it offers a range of social features, Denny says that shiitake won’t burden the system, and there will be mushroom for great games.

“This is still a console made for gaming, with gaming at its heart. I think that we learn from all the platforms we launch & systems we’ve developed.

“Part of PlayStation 4 is learning from previous platforms and making things better. Then part of it is the new experience as well, adding extra features, and you put those together for a much better package and much better experience for the gamer”.

“At the end of the day it’s about the output. It’s about having the best games and the best experiences. To do that you’ve got to have the best creators on board, the best development teams.

“That’s the whole philosophy behind it and we’ve architected a system that we believe will get us the best content. Making decisions like having the 8GB high speed system memory on board is just a massive win for developers in terms of the sort of games they can create, and the ease of game development”.

“I think that ultimately great content always wins the day,”

Last Updated: March 12, 2013

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