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The Titans in Titanfall can’t shoot through walls

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The day we fight back

Over on the official TitanFall community forums a member of the community asked about whether or not we are going to be seeing destruction or anyone shooting through walls in the game when it is released. At first this disappointed me but the developer clarified the decision by stating.

No shooting through walls for this title. It’d take a fair bit of design work to do otherwise, especially with the power of the Titan weapons. From a realistic standpoint you would expect them to be the most effective at penetrating walls, but that would just make life suck for Pilots.
Besides, there are other ways to root out campers.

One of the biggest challengers for this game is that the Titans are obviously massively overpowered against the pilots and while taking down half the building to ensure you kill the pilot is an option in real life it would take a lot of the fun out of the game.

However not all the community agrees with someone with the massively mature name of TPoppaPuff responding

Lame. Hopefully for the sequel you’ll move towards a more proprietary engine where you can work that into the design suitably. The Titan’s weapons could actually be easily balanced by having their bullets appear to ricochet/refract (neither of those are correct, but still) through the walls at drastic angles so as to appear dangerous and be potentially dangerous if standing against a wall, but harmless just a few feet away because they spread in every direction that you’ll never hit anybody who’s not up against the wall. And if you are up against the wall against giant mech machine guns that’s an idiotic strategy used by people in video games that breaks immersion and should be punished.

And I agree with a lot of what he says, however when a developer states they’ve made a design decision then we need to just accept it and see how the game turns out.

Maybe it takes the immersion and fun out of the game and if so the sales and reviews will reflect that and they will live or die by their decision.

Talking about life or death, Vince Rampella also recently tweeted that the upcoming Open Beta will require you to have a code to get in but the codes will not be region locked.

According to Vince they are going to try and make this Beta as big as possible so hopefully the codes are easy enough to get your hands on. Right now we are busy kidnapping the relevant parties significant others to ensure we get some codes to give away to you.

The things we do for you guys and girls.

Last Updated: February 11, 2014

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