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There are 105 gun skins for Gears of War 3

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One of the best inventions of this generation is the ability to developers to part a fool from his money in the form of useless DLC.

I’m talking about things like overpriced Street Fighter outfits and skins for your weapons that do nothing but change the look of them.

And now Epic has taken this one step further by announcing that each standard weapon in Gears of War 3 will have 21 different skins available for you to buy.

The skins range in price from 240MSP (R20) for static skins to 320MSP (R25) for active ones.

But don’t worry it’s not like they expect you to buy 105 skins at that price, that would be insane. If you’d like to buy all the skins for the Lancer for example you can simply fork out 1200MSP (R125) or plonk down a whopping 3600MSP (R375) for all 105 skins.

It’s insane to think that some people are going to pay nearly R400 just for some pretty skins but I can guarantee you that they will and they will also be the people paying the 2400MSP for the first four DLC map packs.

Meaning they’ve paid more for DLC right from the get go than they paid for the game itself. I can hear the cow all the way from over here right now.

Last Updated: September 20, 2011

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