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There will be no super slim PS3 at Gamescom

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We’ve all heard the rumours that a brand new super slim PS3 is coming out and that it will be baselined with a 16 Gb model which took a lot of people by surprise. It was also expected to be revealed at Gamescom 2012 but VG247 has heard that this isn’t going to happen.

Personally why anyone would want a thinner PS3 is a little beyond me but people are excited about this and are eagerly awaiting more news on a release date a price point. The 16Gb version will apparently be utilising Flash memory instead of an actual solid state hard drive and is obviously in direct response to the current 4Gb Xbox 360 which I am guessing is selling well on a casual level.

Previous rumours of the PS3 costing around R1200 though have been debunked and we have been told to expect a higher price than that.

However the new models are available and were planned to be unveiled at Gamescom but according to one of those secret sources in Sony there is still too much stock of the standard PS3’s in circulation and as such the new reveal has been postponed until the stock levels reach a more acceptable level to write off.

I’m guessing TGS is now going to be the reveal but all we know, maybe, is that it won’t happen at Gamescom in 3 weeks.

Last Updated: July 24, 2012

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