There’s an infinite item exploit in Dead Space 3

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Dead Space 3 includes a system of micro-transaction that allows you to make the game easier by paying for items instead of farming them in-game. It’s optional, and intended for the instant-gratification crowd but it’s obviously just a shrewd move to grab extra cash from the inherently lazy and those who have no qualms with paying to win. And it might all be for nought.

The game’s barely been out in the US for a day, and already people have discovered an exploit that allows for infinite items. There’s a room in chapter 8 of the game that allows you to farm items over and over and over again…for free.

Here’s how it works, via Gamefront

Take that, micro-transactions! there was actually a similar glitch in Dead Space 2 that allowed a near-infinite number of power nodes for upgrades, but this time around – because it affects EA’s bottom line -  I suspect it’ll be patched up in no time; the patch will probably be live by the time we here in SA fire up the game for the first time on Friday.

Last Updated: February 6, 2013

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