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Thieves ruin Christmas with a daring Wii U robbery

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Ladies, gentlemen…and children, brace yourselves. Because your Christmas is about to be ruined. I’m not talking about that time that Daddy Christmas got shot down over Iraq in the Red Sleigh Down incident, or when Rudolph the reindeer found out that his nose was the result of something terminal. I’m talking about consoles.Gaming consoles that children have been wanting since December. Gaming consoles that have now been stolen by the truckload.

According to ABC News, two trucks drove into a Nintendo Distribution centre at the SeaTac Seattle Air Cargo location on Saturday, and proceeded to grinch their way into a warehouse housing thousands of Nintendo Wii U consoles.

The thieves managed to lift around 7000 of the Wii U consoles, $2 million (R16.9 million) before legging it in three trucks filled to the brim with the next-gen devices. So, if you happen to be surfing eBay or Craigslist (Don’t ask, don’t tell policy here), and you spot some next-genfellas offering the device at cutthroat prices, chances are that the console may be from that stolen batch.

It’s not the first time that gaming has been hit with a massive heist this year, as Assassin’s Creed 3 also experienced a bit of creative stock-taking when thieves made off with a truck containing crates of that particular game.

Sounds like a new level of crime. Now to recruit a dozen men with various levels of skills and expertise to help me plan a raid to make off with copies of Bioshock Infinite…

Last Updated: December 19, 2012

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