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What did you think of the DOOM multiplayer beta?

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This weekend saw the DOOM beta open up to more people – and we’ve rather liked it. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s what would happen if Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament had a terrifying, malformed baby. I’m certainly keen for more DOOM after the little slice of its multiplayer, but many people feel quite the opposite.


I know our own loveable cabbages, Matthew and Alessandro, are pretty enamoured with the DOOM beta – but they seem to be in the minority. A quick look on Steam shows that the beta is sitting with mostly negative user reviews.

Much of the negative sentiment seems to come from the fact that players have to choose loadouts, instead of picking up weapons on the map, and that the game has a “perks” system.

Says one angry player:

“This isn’t Doom. This isn’t old school, and they aren’t going back to their roots (maybe they just forgot what it use to be about?), so stop saying it is. It’s another generic, modern military shooter with a hellish look. The speed of the gameplay, the weapons, the announcer, the lack of screams/grunts from Doomguy, extremely limited level editor and no mod tools…. it just screams “not Doom”. The only similarities to “Doom” is that there’s no health regeneration and it takes place in hell. The game could have been tons better had they not tried to use Doom’s name and falsely advertise it as an old school shooter going back to it’s roots.”


That same angry person hates the loadouts:

“How can you add perks and weapon loadouts to a “Doom” game with a straight face? As if there were dozens of weapons to choose in Doom in the first place, the starter classes spawn you with a rocket launcher and double barrel (did I mention the 2 weapon holding limit aside grenades?), so what is encouraging you to explore the map and dominate it? Nothing. It’s not Doom and it’s even worse that they’re just calling it “Doom” because now, at least for the rest of this generation, people are going to think this is the “Doom” us ol­dfa­gs have been talking about and completely forget about what an amazing game – and a social experience at times – the original Doom was.”


Says another disgruntled player:

“Call of duty: Monster Warfare. Go full speed ahead with the casual games bethesda how about a new doom game every 9 months from now on with the full price of 90$ and make dishonored into assassin’s creed.”


And another:

“It has nothing to do with the vibe of any of the previous titles, which is probably why it’s called DOOM and not DOOM 4. Because we are into re-booting now, not making sequels. Because a sequel has to acknowledge and build upon the original in some way. This does no such thing – it borrows from a bunch of other financially successful online shooters (Loadouts, unlocks, XP progression? Really? In a DOOM game?) and it does so rather poorly.”

The game sits on Steam with negative user reviews vastly outnumbering the positive ones. Did you give the beta a go? What do you think of this modern take on classic gameplay? The beta’s been extended an extra day, so you may yet still be able to give it a bash.

Last Updated: April 18, 2016

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