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This is a PS4 running through an Xbox One

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Microsoft’s Xbox One features an HDMI-in that allows you to connect a TV set-top box or other HDMI device and run it through the console. Many wondered if you’d be able to run a console, like the Xbox 360 or even be sacrilegious and run a PlayStation 4 through the Xbox One. You can; you might not want to though.

The chaps at Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry did just that – and have shown that it does indeed work, but there’s an inherent input lag as the Xbox One needs to scale and resize everything. 

Of course, it’s not meant to be an expensive throughput for your other systems, but I was hoping to run my 360 through the Xbox One to save an HDMI port on my TV. For the purpose it’s been designed for, it seems to work exceptionally well.

Of course, some people like to take things to extremes. Kotaku’s got an Xbox 360, running through an Xbox One, running through another Xbox One. It’s ludicrous.

Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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