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THQ is dead.. again. Being sold off piece by piece

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So our earlier excitement about THQ being saved by Clearlake Capital was put on hold when two separate lawsuits were filed against the deal by creditors who claimed it was a bit of a fishy deal. It looks like they were on to something.

The latest news coming out of the courts in Delaware is that Clearlake (and THQ) have agreed to hold an auction on the 22nd of January to sell off the IP portfolio of THQ and that EA Games for one is lined up to snatch up some quality titles from the essentially defunct company.

Unfortunately this is likely to result in delayed development, with some titles being killed off entirely.

So let’s take a look at THQ’s top IP’s and see who would be a perfect fit for each one.


Metro: Last Light is in the final weeks of development and is looking incredible so there is very little chance that this title won’t see the light of day but who would pick it up. EA has a hit horror title with Dead Space and likely won’t be very interested, while Activision is looking for new IP’s to add to their stable but I feel Metro isn’t the sort of fit they would like.

My guess here is that Gearbox is going to swoop in and pick up this IP to bolster their growing portfolio.

Saints Row

With extra DLC for Saints Row 3 in the works and rumours about Saints Row 4 being prepped for this year this is a big one for THQ and the one that EA will be looking at. EA have recently been pushing to make themselves looks more mature and what’s more mature than a stripper swinging a massive purple dildo… okay everything is more mature than that but EA want a sandbox title to go head to head with Grand Theft Auto

Company of Heroes

Unfortunately as good as the series is I’m not sure anyone is going to invest any real amount of money to go head to head with the likes of starcraft and Total War, so this is one of the IP’s I expect to disappear.


Homefront was a hit and miss title with a huge marketing budget but less than stellar sales. It might have been awful, but it was big enough to deserve a sequel and I can’t look past Sony picking this up themselves and dedicating it to one of their first party studios.


THQ have Spongebob and Nicktoons titles in development and there is a great developer out there who really knows how to make the most out of kids games that adults also love; so who else could pick up this licence other than Rare?


EA. Really is there much option here? I guess 2K could try swoop in and steal their thunder but I don’t see EA’s bank account allowing that to happen


Another IP that I fear is going to be swept under the carpet, with its own unique take on strategy games Warhammer is a great addition to our gaming world. However when you are looking at the big picture it is hard to see anyone putting enough money against StarCraft, Civilisation and Command and Conquer to make this a success. Sega and Creative assembly will be picking up the high fantasy Warhammer Licence…but what of Warhammer 40k?

South Park

I see this as a straight forward battle between Activision and EA. If EA wins WWE and Saints Row then expect Activision to take this one.

And that’s it.. I think. Have I missed any major THQ licences that I should be be drawn and quartered for?

Last Updated: January 8, 2013

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