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Time to Loadout with the Community

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It’s that time again! We’re going to be playing with you again. No, not like that – we don’t talk about that. Friday night (7 pm) is community play night, and we have an awesome game in mind. In fact, there’s no voting this week, because this game is just too awesome not to play.

That’s right ladies and gents, we will be playing Loadout, the outrageous and gun-filled glory of a multiplayer game. Plus, before I hear any whining from people, it’s totally free. So, load up your steam and start downloading the two gigs of awesomeness.

What is Loadout, you ask? Well, according to the game’s Steam page it’s all about the guns:

Our robust and modular Weaponcrafting system allows players to make their own weapons from a wide variety of weapon parts, and then modify their entire arsenal to suit their play style. There are no defined classes in Loadout. You define your own class through the weapons you create.

Loadout is also loaded with over-the-top comedic violence, stylish character models, and crazy player animations. We aim to add a fresh, new look to the shooter experience that gives players a full-adrenaline rush that is totally different from the vast array of modern combat titles. From our hilariously gory damage system, to our wacky character customizations, Loadout will appeal to the lunatic in us all. But don’t let the demented humor fool you. At its core, Loadout is a skill-based shooter that’s easy to learn, but hard to master.

Now, we’re getting better at this whole coordination thing, but it’s always a bit tricky when it’s a new game. So, be sure to join our Steam group so that you can find everyone. Also, we might get to live stream the gameplay. If so, details will follow ASAP for those who want to watch instead of play.

Finally, seeing as some people live near each other, please pipe up if the download size/your internet speeds are an issue. There are more people nearby than you might imagine, and I’m sure people will be generous and help you copy files if need be. That’s what a comment section is for.

Just look at all the fun we’re going to have, guys!

Last Updated: February 19, 2014

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