Titanfall War Games revealed

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DLC map incoming! Titanfall is getting what appears to be a Tron-inspired map pack called War Games. It is designed to look like a virtual simulator, and we’ve got plenty of pretty pictures to show it off.

Using a lot of design choices from the training mission simulator, War Games was designed as a clean and abstract level. According to the official Titanfall site, the entire map is based on the concept of “parkour playground”. As you can see if you compare the heat signatures for wall running Wargames compared to Rise, it gives plenty of opportunities for wall running.

But pilots aren’t the only things in the game – it wouldn’t be called Titanfall if not for the Titans. So, how did they consider them in the map creation?

I wanted to use the clean simulator style to give Titans a more competitive field for Last Titan Standing. On the outskirts of the level, paintball style fields are designed clutter-free to make enemies easy to spot and paths easy to discern. Titan spawn points push players into these areas, while also allowing flanking Titans to travel through the center of the map.

It’s nice to see the added elements coming into the game. Will it be enough to keep the energy going for Titanfall? Are new maps what people are looking for, or will unique modes and stories keep the pew pew at high intensity? Has the hype completely died for Titanfall, or are you all still getting your primary shooting action from this behemoth?

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Last Updated: April 25, 2014

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  • Matewis Jubilai

    woah, *4.jpg looks a lot like a deathmatch map that came with the Diakatana demo

    • Wincethis


    • Johan du Preez

      Haha it does actually well spotted.

  • Stephen Ynwa Blythe

    I never grow bored of Titanfall purely cause every game is different it doesn’t feel the same each time, I think that’s what makes it so fresh cause sometimes I can go a whole match just playing as a solider hunting titans to kill or vise versa; or then just mixing it all up and with the burn cards its variety is perfect 🙂

  • Deano

    Cant wait, Titanfall in 60 seconds….

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