Trailer For Blackmonkeys Star Wars Mod on COD: Modern Warfare

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So of all the news posts I’ve done for LazyGamer, this was the hardest one to do. My woes are the result of a confusing translation of an existing article. Alas after three quarters of an hour mustering my powers of cryptology and code-breaking, I gave up.

So here’s what I could make out about Blackmonkeys Star Wars Mod for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Aside from the awesome trailer and screenshots below, from what I can tell the world release is holding out for LucasArts to either give them the rights to go forward or turn a blind eye to the project.

Aside from that all I can say is that it looks pretty cool and well enjoy the trailer and if anyone out there knows anything more… then please divulge.








Source: de.babelfish

Last Updated: August 24, 2009

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