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The Trans-Galactic Tournament beta has arrived on PS4

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Trans-Galactic Tournament

The Trans-Galactic Tournament beta has arrived on the PlayStation 4, and no, it’s not a MOBA. Would I lie to you*? Of course not (ignore that annotation)! Now, let’s see what this game is all about…

Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT) is a fast-and-furious multiplayer battler that combines action, skill and strategy for all out, player-blasting mayhem. Inside the arena, the weirdest, wildest fighters in the universe do battle in 3 unique 4v4 game modes. New players can jump right in with the easy-to-learn combat system, while veterans can tweak skill trees, change weapons and customize their champions to create their own way to play.

Skill trees? Don’t be fooled – this is definitely Not a MOBA.  In fact, Trans-Galactic Tournament’s developers, Kiz Studios, describe it as a multiplayer battler, which is a completely different genre. Still don’t believe me? Fine, let’s see some gameplay…

Alright fine, maybe it is a MOBA. I LIED OK**!

Trans-Galactic Tournament does look different to the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm however. For starters, it’s a console MOBA, meaning that heroes are controlled via the dualshock, instead of the traditional mouse and keyboard setup. This in itself is not unusual though, especially considering that a game like SMITE for example, exists and plays rather well on the Xbox One.

The difference with Trans-Galactic Tournament, is that it doesn’t follow the core MOBA formula. Here, take a look at its features and you’ll see what I mean:

  • Compete with or against your friends in intense 4v4 online matches with player rankings, stat tracking and much more!
  • Enjoy 3 incredibly fun and unique multiplayer modes spanning the entire galaxy, in stunningly lethal locations.
  • Customize outrageous champions, each with powerfully unique abilities, weapons and styles of play.
  • 100% Free-to-Play

4v4? Perfect MOBA size. Customise champions, abilities, and so on? Definitely a MOBA. 100% Free to play? MOBA! The differentiation lies in the 3 available Trans-Galactic Tournament modes…

Our three launch modes all offer something different than the MOBA modes you’re used to. Plunderball is Capture-the-Flag meets Thunderdome. Conquest is our many-headed Hydra mutation of King-of-the-Hill, where the challenge isn’t capturing Control Points, it’s keeping them. And Deathmatch, well– look, we gave our Champs fists for a reason.

No lanes, and no main base. It should make for a somewhat different experience.

If you’d like to try Trans-Galactic Tournament, it’s now available, and completely free to play. I’d like to give it a bash myself, I just need to find some time to do so…

*yes, yes I would.

**I lied about lying.

Last Updated: February 18, 2016

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  1. Coming soon to Android and IOS


  2. Guild

    February 19, 2016 at 10:23

    I’ll try it out. Always keen for new multiplayer game


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