The Crew is a game that looked awesome the first time I saw it, there I was sitting in my room streaming E3 2013 live over the interwebs, suddenly a trailer with awesome music and some gameplay mechanics that looked like they would be able to keep my attention for hours on end.

Speaking of The Crew there is a very suspicious PR e-mail in my inbox about some things that are happening up in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The suspicious things of course being a competition on the Crew’s website. The competition entails the painting of a Mini Cooper S, whereby the one with the best paint job at the end of the day wins.

Well since I can freely customize a paint job on a Mini Cooper let me rush over there right now to make as many designs as possible. It’s just that I have this nagging feeling that I have been able to do this somewhere else. Must be my imagination. Now when I tried logging into the contest I got a nice message that said: “Your country can participate in the contest but can’t win any prizes.”

Well for all those geofencing haters out there I have basically delivered unto thee more fuel for your flames. The competition winner will have his final design in the final game, win some goodies and a limited edition of the game itself.  Since I know I must have lost half my readers after I said not available in South Africa I think I can end this now.

If you want to needlessly do a paint job for a car here is the link, though if you have any car game from the last 7 years you should be able to do it on any car of your choosing.


Last Updated: October 15, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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