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Universal moving ahead with a SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN sequel

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Judging by the latest trend of optioning movies for sequels before they’ve even been released yet, you could almost say that Snow White and the Hunstman is a few weeks late to the ball. Universal was obviously just waiting to see whether their fairy tale adventure would beat off it’s ugly stepsister* in Mirror Mirror.

Since that victory has clearly been established, it’s obviously now time to make some more money- Oops, I mean continue the story. Silly me, I always get those two confused.

The writing reins for the sequel are being handed over to David Koepp, who may sport one of the most decorated writing filmographies around (Mission: Impossible, Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, Panic Room, Carlito’s Way) but has definitely still managed to churn out his fair share of duds (Zathura: A Space Adventure, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Trigger Effect, Snake Eyes). He’s going to have to get very creative on this one though, because as far as I can tell, there’s not much more story left to work with here. Hopefully, whatever he comes up with will repair the previous script’s more awkward and unpolished moments, which probably came about as result of the race to beat Relativity Media’s other Snow White fairy-tale, Mirror Mirror, to the big screen.

The report from Deadline also indicates that while first-time director Rupert Sanders has shown some interest in plonking his butt back down in the director’s chair, nothing has been confirmed yet. I’m guessing that we’ll be hearing something soon though, as Universal appear to be very anxious to get going and capitalize on the success of the first. Also, since Sanders went straight from popping his feature film directorial cherry to being a highly in demand filmmaker, I’m guessing that Universal would like to lock him down before any other offers start looking too enticing.

Sanders has already indicated his willingness to take a crack at an adaption of the Halo videogame – which he already has a connection with as he directed some of the game’s most critically acclaimed live-action short films/ads – as well as hinting at a science-fiction spin on the Battle for Algiers that he wants to tackle.

*Yes, I know the ugly stepsister is from Cinderella and not Snow White, but I’m writing this at 05:45 on a freezing cold morning, and my my brain-meat hasn’t thawed out properly yet.

Last Updated: June 8, 2012


  1. Christo Kruger

    June 8, 2012 at 09:24

    Watched it last night and I agree with pfangirl’s review. Such a  beautiful film, with gorgeous set pieces and wonderful creatures, but boring as hell. They fix that and they have a winner.


  2. Grant

    June 11, 2012 at 12:15

    I loved the original Princess Mononoke, this visually awesome live action rip-off, I mean adaptation was just lacking something. My wife reads Twilight and loves Chris… so she loved the movie… & Kristen Stewart has ugly toes. As for the sequel… Snow White wakes up from fantasy(and still in the tower) which was induced by the dagga leaves she lit while trying to keep warm or its some how related to mirror.


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