Unreal Engine 4 tech demo is mind blowing

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Epic games are very well known as the developers of some of the top games of the last few generations but that isn’t their real claim to fame. No, what really brings in the money for the company is their gaming engine that is used by hundreds of developers across the board.

In fact, it isn’t only used in gaming; the hit tv show LazyTown is partially rendered using the engine. But like all things it has started to creak and is showing signs of its age. Epic, however, isn’t resting on its laurels; at GDC last week they unveiled a tech demo of their new engine and it is incredible.

Make sure you pick the 1080p setting and full screen this. I want to play this game…and watch the movie…and let it have my children

Now this is living.

Last Updated: April 2, 2013

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