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Update 15 will bring Archwing and other goodies to Warframe

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I love how easy it is to describe Warframe. It’s ninjas in space, simple as that. The free-to-play game always has something new on the horizon, whether it be a new suit, community event, or even a new furry companion. It’s been a while since the last significant update, but that’s about to change soon. Update 15 will bring Archwing, the technology that allows a Warframe to venture into outer space. That’s not all, there are some other neat changes and additions planned too.

The changes were detailed in the 39th episode of the Warframe Devstream. It’s an hour long, but embedded here if you wish to see the changes for yourself.

Alternately, the developers were nice enough to condense all their information down into an easy to read post. There are three significant additions coming; the Archwing, changes to Ability Mods, and Syndicates. There will also be a brand new Warframe.

The Archwing upgrade will open up new gameplay aspects. Firstly, it will be possible to kill stuff in the freedom of outer space. The Archwing will come equipped with its own unique abilities, yet still allow the player to use their Warframe specific ones as well as their primary and secondary weapons. Honestly, it’s something I am quite excited for!


Secondly, there will be a new game mode called Trench Run. This will allow players to fly through the insides of enemy ships at ridiculously high speeds. I foresee many crashes on my part.

The next big change comes in the form of Ability Mods. Normally, Warframe abilities need to be picked up via drops and then equipped. Seeing as they take up skill points, some players completely ignore them, opting to fill their slots up with other, more important mods. That’s all about to change.

“Starting with Update 15 all Ability Mod cards will be removed from each Warframe, instead becoming available to each Warframe as they level. We’re still fine-tuning the unlock system, but by the time you reach Rank 15 with a Warframe you should have all of its skills available for use. Abilities will rank up depending on how often you use them, so making a specific power stronger is simply a matter of using that Ability frequently.”

To balance it out somewhat, each Warframe will be losing two Mod Slots. I really like that change, it makes a lot of sense. Any existing ability mods players have will be exchanged for much needed fusion cores. In addition to all of this, there will finally be a search bar added which should make navigating all those mods much, MUCH better.


The last big change is Syndicates. Who will you choose to side with? The Grineer? The Corpus? This too, is another awesome addition:

“With Syndicates there is no right or wrong, not black and white line that makes picking a side a simple matter. Syndicates have their own motivations for what they believe is the greater good. A set of values and goals shaped by the ongoing conflicts that occur in every corner of the Solar System. For anyone that’s been looking for more Warframe lore, Syndicates represent a massive influx of depth to Warframe’s smaller scale conflicts.”

• Each Syndicate can be joined by making a sacrifice and every Syndicate has their own motivations that may put them at odds with a rival Syndicate.
• Sacrifices will be in the form of valuable in game goods, earning Tenno unique sigils and prestigious titles within the Syndicate of their choice. A sacrifice may even include a completed piece of Prime gear.
• Earning rep with a Syndicate will serve as a form of currency, enabling the purchase of unique Mods and faction-specific rewards like Spectres or Warframe powers.
• Mods earned through this form of purchase can be traded freely with other Tenno. There are no Syndicate-locked requirements for Mods acquired this way.
• Earning rep with a Syndicate will lower your rep with that Syndicates rival. This rep decrease can enter a negative value, although is capped at a certain level.
• Special Syndicate alerts will be added that have no time restriction and help earn additional rep with your chosen Syndicate.


There will also be a new Warframe with the update. What can he do?

“The details we can share on him are a little slim at this time. Consider him a Void Wizard of sorts. Able to influence the battlefield using mysterious powers the Void Wizard (name pending) channels his unusual abilities through the power of his fancy top hat.”

“One small tidbit we did reveal is that the Void Wizard’s ultimate power creates a partial reality state, unable to be influenced by those on the outside. Removing enemies within from the battlefield for an extended period of time allows this Warframe a level of control quite unlike any other Warframe we’ve developed so far. Just like Mirage this new Warframe will be available through a brand new quest.”

Warframe really is one of my favourite titles. Know what’s awesome? Nothing is hidden behind a pay wall. Sure, you can opt to buy that weapon if you want it NOW, but you can also be patient and farm it. I myself have more than happily given some dollars to the developers in exchange for some goodies. I’ve spent 145 hours in-game according to Steam. This new update will suck me in for a good few dozen more when it lands.

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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