Valve mentions Gordon Freeman! And that’s pretty much it – sad face

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Here’s a fun fact: Valve is awesome. If you play games, then it’s rather likely that you’ve played one of theirs. And you know what, their games are invariably jam-packed with awesome-sauce. So it’s safe to say that if you love games, you love Valve.

Right now, I hate Valve. I mean I love them… in a totally weird, obsessed stalker kind of way, but right now, I hate them. Half-Life 2 Episode 3. Do you know it’s been four years since we all played Episode 2? Four years and not a damn smidgeon of information on the final chapter. But just in case Portal 2 steals away all the hype around Episode 3, Valve has (in minute detail) reminded us that it’s not over yet.

There’s a lengthy interview between AusGamers and Valve; you can check out the whole thing here. In that interview, the inevitable question arose: what the hell is going on with Episode 3? Valve PR guy Doug Lombardi had this to say:

“We are not done with Gordon Freeman’s adventures. I have nothing other than that to tell you today, but hang in there with us.”

And that’s pretty much it. Now excuse me while I go off to cry and rock myself in a corner.

Source: AusGamer [via Game Informer]

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Last Updated: March 30, 2011

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