Valve reveals the Steam controller

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Steam Controller

I believe that everything in life comes in threes, from sneezes through to marriages. Valve has had two announcements so far this week. First, they announced their new operating system, SteamOS. Second, they hit back with some new hardware. And for their third announcement, Valve just revealed a unique controller that is bucking design trends.

The most notable feature of the Steam controller, is that it happens to have no thumbsticks whatsoever. Not even a tradtional D-pad. Instead, the controller has two trackpads which will feature haptic feedback, are touch sensitive and happen to have a high resolution.

Think of it as the traditional PC mouse meeting a console controller in the middle. The controller has a central screen as well, that will overlay whatever graphics it happens to be showing, directly on your TV/monitor when activated.

Steam Controller

It’s a helluva design, and a big departure away from the industry standard idea for a controller. But it has potential. There’s a bunch of games that could utilise that device well, such as strategy and and RPG games, so it’ll be interesting to see how its adapted when it hits your Steam library.

Last Updated: September 27, 2013

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