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Want some GTA V wallpaper?

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Rockstar have just released a set of 4 new images that you can use to permanently remind yourself that you are excited about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5.

The wallpapers are for each of the main protagonists in the game; namely Michael, Franklin and Trevor and while I’ve embedded the 2880×1800 images below you can head over to their official site and pick a size that works better for you.

The Gang MichaelFranklin Trevor

I can’t wait to give the game a go, mainly because I can’t imagine how the game will flow when you can swap between three very different characters. I suspect the player will gravitate to a certain character and play the majority of the game like that.

Will that mean we can theoretically play the entire title three times and have a unique experience each time? Will that be possible or do you think they are going to force us down a single story arc with little choice on how it plays out?

Do you think we’re going to be forced to kill one of the other characters, say like Trevor and Franklin go at it with only one being able to survive… there are interesting options ahead for this title.

Last Updated: May 14, 2013

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