Want some Lollipop Chainsaw animated gifs?

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The upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw has quite an obvious selling points, the barely legal and stunningly beautiful main character has obviously been designed to appeal to the hormonal market and just to ensure this isn’t missed the developers have now (apparently) endorsed the spreading of these animated gifs which show very little of the game and a whole lot of Juliet’s assets.

And if you’re wondering what on earth you’re meant to do with animated gifs? Well don’t forget we now have Google+ which allows the posting of animated gifs by the truckload.

Prepare to feel like you’ve just entered MySpace or 1990 I originally had them all listed below but it actually killed my browser when I previewed the page.. so for the sake of sanity I’ve just linked to them.

Be warned however each image is around 3Mb’s

October 10, 2011