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Warren Spector had 3 Deus Ex games planned

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DeusExWarren Spector’s Deus Ex, a PC-exclusive in 2000 (Sweet mother of gourd, I’m old) was a pioneering the RPG Hybrid games, consequence of choice and branching narratives in videogames. It’s one of the finest games of a generation of games that seems to have flown right past. It receive4d a sequel, Invisible War which was a little more tailored to consoles – and didn’t perform nearly as well as expected, both critically and commercially.

It’s a pity – because there were meant to be three Deus Ex games right from the start.

“I always plan out at least three games,” said Spector to Digital Spy, discussing his new game – a multiplatform sequel to the Wii-bound Disney’s Epic Mickey.

“I plan out a three-game story arc, and I plan out a three-game, sort of, gameplay arc, what am I going to introduce in each game. I don’t do that because I actually expect to do those games, I do it because my games take about three years to make and I need to make sure I’m willing to put in as many as ten years of my life on something.

“It’s got to be a compelling enough world and compelling enough characters that I can do that. And so before we started with the first one I had four stories actually. In Ohio, at the high level, sort of thought out, I did this for Deus Ex too. I knew what the first three games were going to be before we started the first one.”

Of course, this is hardly news to real Deus Ex Fans. There was in fact a third Deus Ex game in the works, shortly after Invisible War  was released. That game was multiplayer focused shooter Deus Ex: Clan Wars. Following Invisible War’s relatively poor performance, the game was retooled, and eventually became Project Snowblind -  decent, but short shooter that hit PC, the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in 2005.

We finally got a new Deus Ex last year in Human Revolution, a frankly fantastic prequel, that one particularly handsome and magnificently well-endowed games reviewer called a “triumph, obviously created by people who understand and love the original Deus Ex. Incredibly well crafted, it’s a smart game for smart gamers.”

Last Updated: April 17, 2012

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