Watch Dogs – dates and editions?

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One of Ubisoft’s big titles this year will be Watch Dogs, with a rumoured release date of 21 November 2013. News is now coming out that there will be two special editions for this game (yes, I know the link is in Dutch, but it’s close enough to Afrikaans so you can deal).

The first will be the Vigilante Edition – apparently the cheaper of the two. As of yet, no details on what will be in that edition. However, the big daddy version will be the Dedsec Edition. Apparently Dedsec is part of the plot with an awesome teaser of a website.

The Dedsec Edition will contain:

  • Silver, Gold & Platinum DLC
  • Aiden Figurine
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Artbook
  • Steelbook
  • Interactive Map of Chicago
  • 3 Faction Badges
  • 4 “Augmented Reality” Cards

I never really look through my art books in collector’s editions, but I always love some good DLCs and figurines!

Watch Dogs will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U – as well as next-gen systems towards the end of this year.

Last Updated: April 29, 2013

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