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When I play Civilization, I’m usually so impatient to just start the game that I click and push buttons until I can get past all the opening screens. However, when I opened up my review copy of Civilization: Beyond Earth, I was treated to a rather impressive opening cinematic that I happily watched to the end. Here it is for you:

For those who don’t watch, the video follows one girl as she is selected to board a space craft, destined to travel to a new world and help build our future. It features some emotional storytelling already, as well as lots of pretty visuals to show off the various cultures around the world who are sending ships into space in search of a new world for humanity. We still don’t get too much clarity about how we ruined Earth, but at least we get to see how we leave our planet to begin this mission Beyond Earth.

What aspects of the game are you most curious about? Are you keen to hear more about the tech web, or is it the affinities that change the game for you? I know a lot of people are worried that it will be a reskinned Civilization V, which is why I think that Firaxis has added so many new elements to the game. Will that be enough to set it apart?

I know the other guys have found recent Civilization games pretty boring, although this one is piquing their interest again. Perhaps it’s just because gameplay will be different, or because everyone has a fetish for things in space, but this might be the most anticipated Civilization game in a very long time. Are you eagerly awaiting release date, or will you be picking this up in a Steam sale somewhere later on down the line?

Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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